In Person Workshop

Turkic Combat Archery Workshop

Cesar and Cabra are organizing a special Combat Archery Workshop Archery. As many of you know, archery is an essential survival skill, a must. Especially for dissidents of the greater state, and here you will be able to initiate yourself on this deadly discipline, which works for both hunting and, in the possibility of an …

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How to Transcend the Matrix

The first step in becoming free is to realize that we have a powerful higher self that knows how to respond in the highest and best way to the challenges facing us. This means becoming emotionally and mentally free of the belief that we are powerless, helpless pawns in the so-called power elite's chess game. …

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OROs ~ Revolutionary Private Money for Free People

OROs ~ Where Money and Currency Are One   Come along and find out how ORO notes are a financial game changer for us all. And how you can be amongst the first to learn about the launch of the initial limited edition Oro note offering.

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