In Person Workshop

Own Your Body Language

Your body language determines how others see you. Learn how to unravel the hidden meaning behind your (and others’) habitual body patterns. In this workshop we will dive deep into the root causes of your habitual muscle, posture and thought patterns. Learning the meaning behind your own habitual patters will show you the way to […]

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Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance

End the week of sitting down and boozing with a healthy, conscious stretching session!   Invitation to a Men's and Women's Circle & Ecstatic Dance Beautiful Souls, You are invited to my upcoming cacao-sharing ecstatic dance circle, a sacred space of brotherhood and sisterhood, self-expression, and healing. This gathering explores intentional movement medicine through ecstatic

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Getting Started with Monero

Find out more about Monero XMR, the best crypto to use as money. Topics include: - Why XMR? - XMR vs BTC - Setting up your Monero wallet. Recommended: Cake (multicoin) wallet, or Monero.com (XMR only) wallet - Storing your seed words securely with Bitwarden or LastPass - Get your first XMR free if you

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Identifying the Criminal Cabal’s Agenda in Literature

Surprisingly, the Masonic-Jesuit fingerprint is evident in nearly all ‘great’ literature. We can discuss almost any work of classic or modern literature. Pdf copies of my giant literary review anthology, Lucifer’s Library, can be shared. Note: Not sure exactly where to meet. Probably at the abandoned main event setting, then any shaded bench or restaurant

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