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The Countdown to Anarchovid: Cultivate is on!

The Countdown to Anarchovid: Cultivate is on! Welcome to the Resistance.  At Anarchovid, you'll hear from some of the bravest, most conscientious and brilliant minds in the rEVOLution.  Mark July 23rd and 24th on your calendar because we are uniting. Our collective focus: solutions Join us for our FREE, online conference, Anarchovid: Cultivate, where you'll get to connect with, learn from and get inspired by great leaders. We’ll be discussing important topics like decentralization, permaculture and homesteading, health and wellness, assertive communication, cryptocurrency, what’s really going on in the sky, Quantum Physics & much more.  Here are two of the phenomenal presenters who will be speaking at Anarchovid: Cultivate: Dr Andy Kaufman Medicamentum Authentica, True Medicine University, TERRAIN The Film, Covid-19 Myths One of the most well-loved and prominent soldiers in this battle, an OG of Exosome Theory, Andy has been going hard against the medical mafia since the start of this psychological operation. We are thrilled to welcome Andy back.  Andrew Kaufman MD is now an internationally renowned public speaker, researcher, natural healing/business/education consultant, inventor, and Covid-19 whistleblower.  An educated, funny, down-to-earth sweetheart of a man, when he learned the truth about modern medical practices, he transformed his medical career and now teaches people the vital knowledge they need to keep themselves and their families healthy at the highest level of consciousness. "These tactics go back a long time in history and fear is always the main manipulator of the masses…and of course divide and conquer was a strategy, I believe, first used in history by Caesar to conquer Gaul after many failed attempts."  Max Igan  The Crowhouse, radio host, public speaker, activist, world traveler. Max Igan is a visionary artist, a musician, an author, a filmmaker, a devoted father, and a powerful voice in this war.   A beacon of light in the truth community, Max has dedicated decades of his life to digging through history.  Boldly exploring and sharing about the truth of the world we live in today, it’s astounding to witness what he’s created and continues to create. With his soothing Australian accent, he’s procured a deep well of knowledge, and humbly used it to fight for our freedom against tyranny. Max Igan delivers the hardest truths, succinctly, and with pure grace.  We are blessed to have him with us again to share his strength, hope, and persevering spirit.  Max Igan will share a far-reaching view of what the predator class could hit us with next and how to prepare.  So, fear not, let us align and organize because, together, we are going to take back the world. "There are 4 types of people who wear a mask - Thieves, Bandits, Slaves, and fools!" Click here to get your FREE ticket to Anarchovid: Cultivate!   *** Anarchapulco has come and gone but it’s not too late to catch the replay. Check out amazing speeches from Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, Richard Grove, and Mike Adams. Click here to get your lifetime replay!

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