Anarchapulco view NFT

Your NFT has been sent to your Metamask wallet.

If you are using Metamask on mobile, your NFT (minted Ethereum blockchain) will viewable under the 'NFTs' (sometimes called COLLECTIBLES) section of your Metamask app. 

(Check that 'Automatically detect NFTs' is enabled). 

Watch this video for more instructions.


If you are using Metamask on desktop, you will need to connect to the Rarible NFT platform to view your NFT. 

This is because the view NFT function is not currently available on desktop. 

Rarible is a good place to manage your NFTs it enables users to put their assets up for sale on a large marketplace. 

To connect your wallet to Rarible, follow the steps below (takes 2 minutes)

1. Go to the Rarible NFT platform

2. Click on the CONNECT WALLET button on the top right.

Select the Metamask option then click YES to connect to Rarible.

To view your NFT, click on your profile icon to the top right, then on 'MY PROFILE'.

You should now see your NFT.

For more instructions see the 2 minute video below.

Any issues email [email protected].

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