Who's Speaking at the Non Conformist Series?

The Nonconformist Series: Decentralized Societies Edition is coming up on June 15th & 16th! We’ll be hosting the top movers, mentors and mavens in the diverse area of creating and building decentralized societies. Our speakers will reveal the pragmatic tools to get you closer to the embodiment of freedom, whether that be in the areas of sending notices of liability to the city who wants to install a smart meter to fry you in your own home, travelling the world as a crypto nomad or starting your own freedom event! This is a weekend summit packed with content and inspiration. 

We’ll be hearing from a variety of speakers, from a range of backgrounds. Here are a few:

Tom Barnett & David Armstrong: Lessons from the Living Free Movement
Tom and David are Australians who boldly stayed in Ausjailia during the plandemic and have shown that you can truely thrive through adversity by being authentic and creative. Tom shot to international fame when he called out the virus model in early 2020 and has not stopped since, he is known for his unique way of educating and teaching the principles of Natural Law, helping men and women break through illusions and to remember who they inherently are.  

David is a veteran adventurer but his biggest challenge came in 2020 when he was diagnosed with Cancer. Rather than just accept the diagnosis and treatment options offered by the mainstream medical industry, David sought to find treatment answers in the alternative health space. This extensive search for alternative treatment protocols inspired the creation of The HealMe platform on which members could access alternative health information free from censorship and connect with experts.

Jay Noone: Man Camp & Unschooling in the Farmyard

Jay spent his youth going to horse auctions, livestock auctions, horse shows and rodeos with his horse trader libertarian dad. Jay met his wife Shalon at the Porcupine Freedom Festival (Porcfest) in 2014, they got married at Porcfest in 2018, bought a home with some land, had 2 kids and started raising cows, pigs and chickens and preparing the next generation to not need government. Jay runs the ManCamp project, to build children’s confidence by teaching them real life skills like welding, blacksmithing, farming, problem solving, patience, tolerance, and most importantly encouraging them to earn their dopamine hits from farm/iron work not from screen based activities.

Pavol Lupták - Does the fact that crypto is going to the moon mean that there will be many wealthy and influential libertarians (like never before) and that society will become freer because of it? 

Pavol calls himself the global opportunist. This young Slovakian has permanent residencies in Panama & Paraguay, company structures & bank accounts in various jurisdictions and various elements of privacy protection implemented. He truely is keeping the powers who ‘think they be’… Guessing!
He is helping people to opt out of the system with his organisation and is very open and generous with his information sharing. As he says “Freedom is the most essential thing in life for me. I am constantly working on new ways to accomplish it globally. I see cryptocurrencies, crypto, and digital privacy technologies as great tools to achieve it. I’d be happy to help you with that.”

This will be a weekend event not to miss!
Don’t delay : Buy tickets Here for The Nonconformist Series: Decentralized Societies Edition!

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