Will you be joining us this weekend?

Got plans for this weekend?

Consider spending some time with your Anarchapulco tribe, integrating the latest in how to side step mainstream deception, build nurturing and secure community environments and how to thrive not just survive!

On June 15th & 16th, we’ll be hosting the Nonconformist Series: Decentralized Societies Edition, where we’ll hear from a variety of amazing speakers on such topics as:

Creating, Evolving and Maintaining a long term community event with Porcfest’s Carla Gericke

How to opt out of the system and not be a poor hermit

What are the benefits of liberation travel?

The value and benefits of sending Notices of Liability to your grubberment officials

Success stories of the last decade from a Greek intentional community weathering the storm with grace

How to use natural law principles to maintain resilient infrastructures

And much more including live Q&A, a vigorous online chat room and fascinating free flowing live round table discussions!

Click here to secure your ticket to this online virtual summit. Spots are limited, so get yours today!

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