All your Decentralized Society Mentors in one place!

Tired of talking about the problems? Wondering how to Opt-out and still Thrive?

Don’t know where to begin?

We got you. We have 2 days of next level conversations, pragmatic examples and tangible actions you can take in the areas of Decentralized Societies, Living as a Global Opportunist and Operating within Natural Law.

The summit takes place from June 15 & 16th starting at 1pm CDT and is only $79 to sign up!

Some talks to get excited about:

Ernest Hancock - Occupying the Land in Action
Veteran voice of freedom Ernest Hancock will tour through his new offgrid occupation of the land in Arizona. Showing exactly how this dream can become a reality. All in the Sonoran desert summer!

Cal Washington - Inpower Movement Success Stories

What would the world be like without controllers trying to steal our money and make us sick at every turn?  Well, Cal can show us some international examples where these control freaks have been held to account and have had to pay up for their malevolent efforts! In conversation with Rebecca Scott, Cal outlines what the Inpower movement is about and how to get involved. He will be on live to answer questions too!

Carla Gericke - Porcfest Evolutions
Two potent creators of the freedom event world, Carla Gericke and Catherine Bleish Bonandin in conversation about all things eventing! And More!

+++Want to listen to these amazing speakers and others? And ask them questions? Most of the speakers are coming on live for Q&A and the end of each day has a round table discussion with the speakers of that day. So sign up, show up and participate by getting your ticket to the Nonconformist Summit today!

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